Veterinarian CEO Portraits

Meet Dr. Dani McVety! She is a veterinarian, speaker, consultant, author, entrepreneur, and inspiration! She is the founder and heart behind Laps of Love, Veterinarian Hospice. Ashlee has had the pleasure of knowing and photographer for a few years now. This session at the studio has been the most incredible so far! She came in wanting to create images that would evoke confidence and power. She has been around the world speaking to young Dr.'s and has been featured in so many publications! She wanted to have portraits that reflected her place as a leader and to inspire others, especially women, to set their sights higher. She wants to show others what you can achieve when you follow your heart. 

Ashlee and Dani used wardrobe, body language (something that Dani is an expert in!) and settings to communicate her status. The leaning on the "boardroom" image especially highlights her! How amazing is her leather jacket and the white on black blazer that is a nod to her Dr.s coat?!  We hope this inspires you to take your head shots to the next level and invest in creating specific portratis that visually communnicate your goals and who you really are! 

Fellow Photographer Head Shots || Film & Digital

Ashlee, Jacqui, and Esther had a fabulous time in the studio this spring shooting new head shots for each other! Huge thanks to Stephanie for beauty styling! Esther and Jacqui are both hybrid photographers that shoot on both medium formal film and digital. They knew that VHS would be the perfect light and bright space to use both mediums for new portraits. 

The above are the film results from both Esther, Jacqui, and Esther. 

The above are of Esther shot digitally by Ashlee Hamon. 

The above are of Jacqui shot digitally by Ashlee Hamon. 

#FloristFireFling || Hyde Park Village, Tampa

Less than 24 hours to go until one of our favorite holidays, VALENTINE'S DAY!! You know, the one that celebrates love? Also known affectionately as Galentine's Day & Anna Howard Shaw Day of course. Are you ready to shower some love, prettiness, and hopefully chocolate on those your heart swells for?

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Fellow Photographer Head Shots

My dear and talented friend Sabra swung by VHS this week for some new portraits to go onto her new fancy web site. We had a blast! 

In the past I have been very reliant on strobes and modifiers to create the light I want. Oftentimes, I was forcing ambient and natural light 100% out of the exposure. In the last 6 months though I have been extremely inspired to work with natural light and bend it to my will, and I LOVE it! 

I pulled down the black sweep and put her on an stool next to the window. The window had a sheer + lace curtain and then I added an extra layer of cheap plastic (1$ plastic drop cloth from home depot). Then I bounced the light around her face with some more Home Depot goodies; a huge sheet of styrofoam insulation, white on one side and silver on the other, cut in half (to fit in my tiny hatchback). 

Pretty excited about the results! Nikon D750 w/ 50mm 1.4 Sigma Art at f/2.8 125th 1250 ISO + minimal skin retouching in LR.

We also played around outside with smoke bombs!

Product Photography | Seventh Avenue Apothecary | Local Soy Candles

We love the opportunity to work with local brands and fellow #girlbosses! When Erin of Seventh Avenue Apothecary reached out about shooting her wonderful product Ashlee was elated! You may have noticed their candles in more and more local boutiques lately, it's so exciting! We decided to shoot their entire line in both a standard and lifestyle fashion. Plus we shot new head shots for the team! I loved using the studio for this. Since it is an authentic 1920's bungalow it was the perfect place to style the candles burning in true, homie situations. Every scent is amazing, but I think my favorite is the pineapple, especially for summer. Enjoy!

Artist Collective || Studio Portrait

 The studio was graced this week by the talented women of the local artist collective The Gilded Rag 2. Ashlee Hamon Photography took their group portrait in preperation for their fashion show at the Rialto in June. Shout out to Erin of Nail Pop LLC, Annie, Christina, Pia, Sarah, & Brie of Frolic Exchange Tampa!

Real Estate Agent Head Shots

Mrs. Colamarino was one of Ashlee's very fist brides! And now she is embarking on a new career path in Real Estate. She came by the studio last week for fancy new head shots. Ashlee was thrilled to use the new backdrops and even go outside for some noon time high speed synch (for all you photo nerds :). Here are the results! If you are interested in booking a head shot session with either Ashlee or Regina please contact them directly for more information and availability: &

High Speed Synch: you can use off camera flash and a wide open aperture outside even at noon! Just place your subject in the shade, expose for the bright background and then light them using your flash. Select the High Speed Synch function in your camera body and remember to pump up the output as you will loose intensity shooting this way. The results speak for themselves. 

High Speed Synch: you can use off camera flash and a wide open aperture outside even at noon! Just place your subject in the shade, expose for the bright background and then light them using your flash. Select the High Speed Synch function in your camera body and remember to pump up the output as you will loose intensity shooting this way. The results speak for themselves. 

Boudoir Babes

Regina and Ashlee have been adding a bunch of new elements to the studio for creative boudoir sessions and we are so pumped to share a few favorites from a recent session. A huge thank you to best friends Miss S and Miss L for letting us share some of your beautiful photos! The new floral backdrop is to die for and there couldn't be a better perk of having Florist Fire in the in the claw foot tub!! If you are interested in having a session with either Ashlee or Regina please contact them directly for more information and availability: &

Penny's Headshots

Penny found out about our studio and myself from Jet City Espresso next door. We really love being in Seminole Heights! It's such a great community and everyone is so supportive of new businesses. She needed some fresh, unique headshots. Stephanie of Moore Makeup Artistry did her hair and makeup and as always, made her look gorgeous and just exemplified her already beautiful features, especially those blue-gray eyes! Contact us today for your own fresh, creative and modern headshots in Tampa. Enjoy the headshots below!



First Boudoir Session

Hi! Ashlee here. I have been thinking about how to bring this inspiring story to you for quite a while now. I had the pleasure of photographing some serious beauty in early December. And I don't mean that my subject was simply beautiful with sparkling eyes, an enchanting smile, and effortless grace. I mean this woman, her journey, and her friendships were something to behold. I could not have asked for a more fitting session to christen the studio with. 

I was first contacted by Miss A's closest friend who was on a mission to gift a photography session, a surprise boudoir session to be exact. She told me that her friend was going through probably to hardest summer of her entire life. Miss A was being treated for cancer. She was battling through chemo and was due for surgery. This friend though, she had all of the love, hope, confidence, and positivity that Miss A was going to come out on the other side stronger than before. She knew she wanted to show her that she is beautiful, inside and out. Happily all of her treatments went as well as they could and as the Holidays drew near Miss A had clean scans! It was time for the surprise! 

I can't tell you how excited I was to finally shoot in the new space! We had white washed everything, got our cute bed together, and of course had so much vintage furniture to use! I was so proud to be able to create a comfortable and beautiful space where clients would feel excited to show off! Stephanie dolled her up as they sipped bubbles and we got to squeal about how she reacted about the surprise. I was so happy that she was excited to work together. As we shot I was in heaven. She was fluid and just plain stunning in front of the camera. Like all women she had her insecurities. But they were about her hair and scars from surgery, not that she wanted to lose 5 pounds, or had weird shoulders, hated her ears, or any of the other usual obscure complaints we are all guilty of. I was humbled.

As we drew to a close we decided to go very minimal and Marilyn-esque. Just her and the white sheets. They are some of my favorite images to date. Finally, I asked if she would take off her wig. I knew it was going to be upsetting. But I couldn't let her leave without capturing this evidence of what she had been through. I wanted her to have a reminder. To be able to look back years from now and see exactly how gorgeous she is, even in the face of cancer. I'm so proud of her bravery! I also wanted her good friend to jump in too. Even if we were only able to grab 1 shot before the tears come. I wanted to preserve the beautiful gesture she had made. 

I can't thank these ladies enough for trusting me to reflect their beauty and for allowing me to share their story. Here are just a few of my favorite images, I hope it inspires you to count your blessings. Xoxo-

First Head Shots in the new studio!

We are so excited to already be working regularly in the new space as we paint and organize. We loved having a boudoir session and 3 head shots already! The first of these was the lovely Ms. Teddi! She is in finance and was looking for an updated head shot that was vibrant and the opposite of boring. She loved the bright openness of the space and of course all of the feminine details at our disposal! Ashlee captured her bright and beautiful personality and she's so excited to plug her new photos into Linked in and more! If you are in need of an updated head shot that captures your authentic self reach out to us today! Ashlee and Regina are more than happy to consult with you on wardrobe and organize professional hair and make up services. Contact us today!

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professional corporate head shots with character tampa