Veterinarian CEO Portraits

Meet Dr. Dani McVety! She is a veterinarian, speaker, consultant, author, entrepreneur, and inspiration! She is the founder and heart behind Laps of Love, Veterinarian Hospice. Ashlee has had the pleasure of knowing and photographer for a few years now. This session at the studio has been the most incredible so far! She came in wanting to create images that would evoke confidence and power. She has been around the world speaking to young Dr.'s and has been featured in so many publications! She wanted to have portraits that reflected her place as a leader and to inspire others, especially women, to set their sights higher. She wants to show others what you can achieve when you follow your heart. 

Ashlee and Dani used wardrobe, body language (something that Dani is an expert in!) and settings to communicate her status. The leaning on the "boardroom" image especially highlights her! How amazing is her leather jacket and the white on black blazer that is a nod to her Dr.s coat?!  We hope this inspires you to take your head shots to the next level and invest in creating specific portratis that visually communnicate your goals and who you really are!