We are now located at 5310 N Central Ave. Suite D, Tampa, FL 33603. Still a gorgeous 1920's bungalow. It is two stories and we are in Suite D on the 2nd floor (access to staircase to right/south side of building from parking lot). 

We understand that it may be confusing since there is no front access to the building or street parking. Please feel free to call or text when you are close!

If you are coming from downtown/275 take Hillsborough West toward Florida Ave. Turn left onto Central Ave. Then as soon as you turn onto Central make your first RIGHT (street is unmarked on right side but is E. Giddens Ave). Then make your immediate right into the alley way, there is a 25mph sign at the entrance. Follow the alley back and our bungalow is on the right at the very end. You will be able to see access to Hillsborough Ave. Please park on the right side of the lot and continue up the stairs to the right to the second floor. 

If you are coming up Central from Downtown please follow the same instructions above, only turn ELFT onto Giddens Ave. It is just before the light at Hillsborough. 

There is access directly off of Hillsborough if you are traveling from Florida Ave towards 275. Stay in the right lane and turn into the alley behind the bungalow before you reach the light at Central. you will see wooden garage doors, the opening to the parking lot, and then a brick wall. 

Please note we are open by APPOINTMENT ONLY. Thank you!